“Bad Prosecutor” Premieres To The Top Of Its Time Slot, “Love Is For Suckers” Premieres To A Quiet Start

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“Bad Prosecutor” and “Love Is For Suckers” have both premiered, how well did they do in ratings?

According to Nielsen Korea, KBS’s newest drama “Bad Prosecutor” is up to a good start. The 1st episode recorded an average nationwide rating of 4.3%, the 2nd episode of the drama recorded 5%. Its now placed as the No. 1 drama among the Wednesday-Thursday dramas.

ENA’s newest drama “Love Is For Suckers” premiered to a quiet start but has seen some improvement. According to Nielsen Korea, “Love Is For Suckers” 1st episode garnered an average nationwide rating of 0.8%, while the 2nd episode recorded 1.2%, marking a roughly 50% increase.

tvN’s “Love in Contract” maintained strong ratings with 3% and 3.5% for its most recent episodes.

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Have you seen the premiere of “Bad Prosecutor” and “Love Is For Suckers” yet? What did you think of them?

Source: Nielsen Korea

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