“Bad Prosecutor” Main Cast Including D.O., Lee Se Hee And Ha Joon Talk About Why They Picked The Drama And More At The Press Conference

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The cast of “Bad Prosecutor” talked about their upcoming drama at the press conference, lets find out what they had to say!

On October 5, a press conference was held to commemorate the first broadcast of KBS2’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Bad Prosecutor.” Director Sung Ho Kim, actors D.O., Lee Se Hee, and Ha Joon attended the press conference to talk about their drama.

“Bad Prosecutor” is an action investigation drama that breaks down the sanctuary created by wealth and power, and the group of evil living in it.

Director Sung Ho Kim of the Netflix series “Move to Heaven” and writer Lim Young Bin, who co-wrote the drama “Sketch,” joined hands for the drama “Bad Prosecutor.” Actors D.O., Lee Se Hee, Ha Joon, Kim Sang Ho, Lee Si Eon, Joo Bo Young, Yeon Joon Seok, Kim Tae Woo, and Choi Kwang Il will appear in the drama.

EXO D.O. plays the role of Jin Jung, a prosecutor with an attitude. He will punish those in power who are corrupt, and at the same time repay the wicked by ten times in a way that makes it “an eye for an eye.” Lee Se Hee takes on the role of senior prosecutor Shin Ah Ra. Ha Joon will play the role of the elite and ambitious prosecutor Oh Do Hwan, he wants to climb up to the top using whatever means possible. 

Director Sung Ho Kim introduced the drama, saying,

It is a drama like a combo-gift set with a special character of a bad prosecutor, a mystery investigation, and a comedy genre. I have mainly directed movies. I’m nervous, but I’m also ambitious.
I wanted to try making a KBS drama. KBS is planning to make good dramas and show them through various platforms. Both the character and the story are attractive. It is incomparable to other dramas in similar genres. It’s new. Above all, the biggest difference is the appearance of D.O.”

The Director, not forgetting his affection for the cast, said,

Casting is an important part of the production. Good casting is important, and I gathered all the actors I’ve been paying attention to this time.”

When asked about why the cast decided to pick this drama, D.O. said,

The script itself was interesting. Each character’s charm was considerable, so I decided to appear in the drama.”

Lee Se Hee commented,

“When I saw the script, I thought it was fun. I became curious about the next episode. I really wanted to appear.”

Ha Joon added,

“I was a fan because I saw the director’s previous work and was moved by it. There was no reason to refuse and D.O. and Lee Se Hee will also appear in the drama.”

In particular, D.O. chose “Bad Prosecutor” as his first return dram after being discharged from the military, and he will meet viewers for the first time in four years after the tvN drama “100 Days My Prince.”

When asked how D.O. feels about returning to the small screen after 4 years and his character in the drama, signaling a transformation in his acting, the actor said,

“I was really nervous and excited. I did my best and tried to show a new side of myself after four years. The character “Jin Jong” is different from the real me. I’m calmer than genuine, so I paid attention to the character’s external styling. It’s something that I would never wear normally, and I got a perm for the first time since my debut. I thought about how to express him, but I made it through with conversations on the set. I’m really enjoying filming right now.”

He also shared the behind-the-scenes story while filming the drama, saying,

“There are quite a few action scenes, but I didn’t prepare them separately. As I used to memorize the moves even while dancing, I think because of that I was able to enjoy doing action scenes comfortably on the set. It’s helpful.”

Lee Se Hee who is starring in her first mini-series since KBS2’s weekend hit drama “Young Lady and Gentleman” with a rating of 32%, explained the character construction process, saying,

“I’m also happy to work with KBS. I tried to take pressure because of the characteristics of the job of a prosecutor in the drama. I tried to add acting to the comedy genre.”

Ha Joon will also be reunited with KBS viewers after the KBS2 drama “Crazy Love.” Regarding Ha Joon’s transformation into an ambitious character, he said,

The character I played will upset the viewers. I acted really hard so I get cursed a lot. However, from the point of view of my character, I only try to get promoted as an office worker.”

Meanwhile, “Bad Prosecutor” will premiere at 9:50 p.m. on October 5.

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