“Arthdal Chronicles” Season 2 Won’t Likely Air In 2021 As Planned, What Will Happen To The Drama?

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“Arthdal Chronicles” production has been reportedly halted due to the ongoing pandemic!

Back in February, tvN confirmed that “Arthdal Chronicles” season 2 is in the works and the production was aiming to begin filming in the second half of 2020. However, according to media reports, the production schedule will likely be postponed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic has caused the production company to make some changes because they can’t film overseas anymore; this means that the team has to reorganize the schedule of the production and the actors as well.

“Arthdal Chronicles” season 2 was supposed to air in 2021 but it has been reportedly excluded from the lineup for next year due to the ongoing situation.

An industry representative stated that the production team behind “Arthdal Chronicles” is still considering possibilities since it’s not easy to decide immediately right now.

The cost of the second season is expected to be equal to that of the first season (which cost $45 million). In response to the report, the drama’s production company Studio Dragon told news outlets that the plans for the second season are uncertain due to the pandemic and they’re still discussing the production schedule.

Parts of “Arthdal Chronicles” season 1 was filmed in Brunei. In related news, Song Joong Ki had to drop out of a movie filming due to another movie changing schedule because of the ongoing pandemic.

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