“Are You Human Too?” Actress Park Hwan Hee Shares Photos Of Her 7 Year Old Son

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Actress Park Hwan Hee has generated buzz around the web when she posted photos of her 7-year-old son Shin Seop.

The beloved actress had debuted not too long ago and gained attention for being the lovely nurse from the hit KBS drama “Descendants of the Sun.”

Since then she’s been making a name for herself as an actress and recently appeared in KBS’s “Are You Human Too?” She played the second lead Seo Ye Na.

Fans were shocked when they found out that she was a mom. Before she made her debut as an actress back in 2015, she was just a regular person.

She married a Korean rapper named Bill Stax (used to be known as Vasco) back in 2011.

The couple didn’t last long and divorced 15 months later, but Park Hwan Hee had already given birth to a son, his name is Shin Seop.

She was pregnant with her son before they officially got married but due to personality difference, the couple filed for divorce.

On September 8, she shared a collection of photos of a date she had with her young son to what appears to be an underwater park, she said,

“Without you, I probably would not have been. I love you. The reason for my life.”

She also talked about how her son dislikes taking photos but added that he looks so great and they usually come out well.

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