TRENDING: Nam Joo Hyuk Accused Of School Bullying, Agency Denies And Promises Strict Legal Action

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Nam Joo Hyuk is the latest celebrity to come under fire for alleged bullying back in his school days, and his agency has responded to the allegations.

Recently, a netizen made a post claiming they were bullied by Nam Joo Hyuk for six years. The netizen claimed they were harassed by him and forced to run errands for the actor and his group. However, ever since the claims were made, some fans began to poke holes in them because it was known that Nam Joo Hyuk didn’t stay in one school from middle to high school but moved around which means the allegations don’t hold much ground. Regardless, fans waited for the agency to address the situation at hand.

On June 20, Nam Joo Hyuk’s agency released two statements, the first one was an initial statement they released to check the facts in regards to the situation at hand. The second one was a detailed statement to deny the accusations.

They wrote,

“First of all, we ask for your understanding that the announcement of the position was delayed in order to confirm the facts. As a result of checking with the actor about the first news article, we confirmed that all of the contents were not true at all. In addition, we regret the unilateral report made by the media that has not undergone a single fact-checking to the agency or actor before this article is published.

The agency will promptly request for a correction report to the Media Arbitration Commission (PAC) for seriously damaging the actor’s reputation due to this false report.

We will also file a criminal complaint against the media reporter and anonymous informant who made the initial report. We have referred the case to our legal advisor today to proceed with these legal actions and are currently in progress.”

The agency added that the actor and their family are the ones who suffer the most from such groundless rumors. SOOP will be taking strict legal action against any media outlet that publishes one-sided claims and against any posts and comments that go beyond mere expression of opinions. They wrapped up their statement by asking netizens not to speculate or fuel false rumors.

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