aespa And Lee Yoo Mi Make It Onto TIME Magazine 2022 List Of “Next Generation Leaders”

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aespa and Lee Yoo Mi have made history by appearing on TIME magazine’s 2022 list of “Next Generation Leaders”!

On October 13 local time, TIME magazine announced the 2022 list of “Next Generation Leaders.” The list included Lee Yoo Mi, who is the only Korean actor on this list, as well as aespa.

TIME highlights Lee Yoo Mi’s breakout performance in the global phenomenon “Squid Game,” in her interview with TIME, Lee Yoo Mi remarked, “The global recognition further strengthened my mindset that no matter how things change around me, I should remain who I am.”

aespa was also highlighted by the magazine for being one of the biggest 4th generation Kpop groups who have achieved a lot of records despite their rookie status.

About aespa, TIME Magazine said, “Aespa is an experiment, but it may also be the inevitable next step for the music industry: a fresh way to bridge the virtual and the real. So far, aespa has released only a few singles and one six-song EP—but that EP broke records, debuting on the Billboard 200 album chart higher than any previous K-pop girl group. Their first music video, “Black Mamba,” had YouTube’s fastest climb to 100 million views for a K-pop debut.

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