[BREAKING] Actress Kang So Ra Surprises Fans With Sudden Marriage Announcement

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Actress Kang So Ra is getting married soon!

On August 17, Kang So Ra’s agency PlumA&C shared the happy news via an official statement. Fans hadn’t been aware that the actress was dating and it turns out that her husband-to-be is a non-celebrity.

According to PlumA&C, the couple decided to wed based on their mutual love and trust for each other, the wedding was originally scheduled to take place on August 29 but was delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic worsening in Korea, and it has been canceled as a result.

Instead, the agency revealed that a simple ceremony with the couple’s immediate families will be held instead. However, out of concern to the non-celebrity husband, no further details can be shared,

“In consideration of the bride-to-be and the families of both families who are not celebrities, further details will be kept private, we ask for your understanding.”

Fans were surprised by the sudden marriage announcement but have sent Kang So Ra many congratulatory messages.

The announcement came suddenly because fans hadn’t been aware that the actress was dating. Last time she was involved in a public relationship, it was with actor Hyun Bin. The two had broken up a while ago.

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