Actress Jung So Min Is Totally Down For Season 2 Of “Because This Is My First Life”

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Actress Jung So Min revealed her desire to come back with season two of the popular tvN drama “Because This Is My First Life” in a recent interview.

The actress sat down for an interview recently and spoke fondly of the ending of her most recent drama “Because This Is My First Life.” She said,

“I was so happy working with the cast, the mood was great on set.”

“Because This Is My First Life” tells a story of a girl named Yoon Ji Ho she moves into an apartment and falls in love with her landlord Nam Se Hee.

The actress talked about how much she liked the drama happy ending, she said,

“I liked the ending, it was a happy one and I felt good about it.”

She also talked about how happy she felt working on the drama and shared hopes of a second season, she said,

“I know that the drama ending with a happy closure, but I still had these thoughts in my mind, ‘don’t we have more stories to share? This will be the last time I see this character, right?’ regardless, all of us spoke of coming back with a second season. Even the director joked saying that all his productions except for “Bring it on Ghost” came back with a second season. I think we’ll be able to create more stories with a new season, I personally think that anything our writer comes up with is bound to be good.”

She added,

“I’ve never tried hard enough to let characters go. If they decided to stick in my mind, I let them. Yoon Ji Ho is a character I hope will remain in my mind for a long time because she reminds me a lot of myself.”

Actress Jung So Min made her mark this year as a young actress, she appeared in the hit weekend drama “Father is Strange” and concluded the year with the successful tvN series “Because This Is My First Life.”

The actress revealed that she’s planning on taking a break while looking over new potential scripts.

We’re totally down for a second season of “Because This Is My First Life.”

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