Actress Go Min Si And GRAY Rumored To Be Dating, Agency Issues Response

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Actress Go Min Si And GRAY have recently been swept up in dating rumors and the agency’s response has fans speculating on the nature of their relationship.

How did the dating rumors between Go Min Si and GRAY start?

Recently, fans noticed that Go Min Si and GRAY posted photos of themselves at the same location while traveling the U.S. It appeared that both photos were taken at the same location.

Considering the fact that its the U.S. and not some place in South Korea, fans began to speculate that Go Min Si and GRAY are dating.

How Go Min Si’s agency responded to the dating rumors

On April 28, Go Min Si’s agency briefly commented on the issue, they stated,

“we have nothing to say about the dating rumors as it pertains to the actress’s personal life.”

How GRAY and Go Min Si met

The alleged couple met last year, Go Min Si starred as the main lead in GRAY’s “Make Love” music video. Some fans speculate this is when they were introduced to each other and began dating.

You can check out the music video below!

Go Min Si is one of the hottest rising actresses and this is the first time she’s ever been involved in dating rumors.

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