Actor Yoon Hong Bin, Who Performed CPR On People During Itaewon’s Tragedy, Says It Could Have Been Prevented If The Police Officers Were Deployed At The Right Places

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Actor Yoon Hong Bin has revealed that the tragedy at Itaewon could have been prevented if the government took the right steps who was present when the tragedy happened in Itaewon.

On October 30, Yoon Hong Bin and his girlfriend went to Itaewon, Seoul witnessed firsthand what had happened. He said,

This tragedy is an incident where we should all be in pain and mourning together. I’m writing this because I didn’t want any discussions to go off from the essence of the situation. The main street was simply chaos, and I think I was pushed around the street with my girlfriend and said it was dangerous dozens of times. The shouts of ‘Don’t push’ were mixed with shouts of ‘push.’ I ran right away and conducted CPR because of the lack of police or paramedics.”

Yoon Hong Bin then performed CPR for more than 20 minutes while trying to help people regain consciousness, and sadly revealed,

I heard the words ‘Please open your eyes’ from all over the place. There was only one person who came back to consciousness on the street where I was conducting CPR. Even the people whom I tried to save were not saved in the end.”

Yoon Hong Bin revealed that this incident could have been prevented if the police officers were deployed at the right places saying,

This disaster had sufficient premonitory indications and was preventable. There was news in advance that a large crowd was expected to flock, and police officers should have been in the streets of the global food culture where people were going to gather, not the roadside.
I can’t erase the idea that if the police had stood in the middle, then people could have passed to the right. I know that many police officials are working very hard and struggling so I think the misdeployment is the reason we couldn’t prevent this tragedy. I hope everyone will make sharp and careful efforts in order for this tragedy to not happen again. I hope you focus only on identifying the cause and not repeating it.”

Fire authorities said that 154 people were killed and 132 injured in the Itaewon stampede at 6 p.m. on October 30. With 37 seriously injured, authorities have not ruled out the possibility of additional deaths. The police are in the process of confirming their identity and notifying the bereaved family.

Our deepest condolences to the family of the victims!

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  1. 100% agree with you, so sad .what an inhuman collective insensibilidad,all filme like the worst escena in horror movie,with chaos even for the same autorities who came help, they lacked autority and comand to clear the public who were rather all with their phones filming to have the Best viral shot, without caring about the tragedia of the halloween devilbtaking it’s toll. For all those beautiful young soul who left their body lying in that Alley, Haven is their reward, and for their relative strenth and los of love,that is the only healing energy.

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