Actor Yoo Ah In’s Upcoming Netflix Projects Might Face A Setback Due To His Ongoing Alleged Propofol Usage Controversy 

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While actor Yoo Ah In is being investigated by the police for habitual use of propofol, Netflix, which is scheduled to film “Hellbound 2” along with the release of two films featuring Yoo Ah In, is on alert.

On February 8th, it was reported that actor Yoo Ah In was investigated by the police for habitual use of propofol. Yoo Ah In appeared at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency on the 6th and was investigated for violating the Narcotics Control Act.

Late that night, Yoo Ah In’s agency, UAA, said, “Yoo Ah In was recently investigated by the police regarding propofol. We are actively cooperating with all investigations related to this and will actively explain the problematic part. We apologize for causing concern.” 

Yoo Ah In is set to appear in films such as “The Match” and “High Five” this year, as well as the Netflix series “The Last Fool”. Yoo Ah In has established himself as a guarantee for box office success, hence industry officials, including the production company, who were planning their next film together, are concerned. In particular, Netflix was preparing to release Yoo Ah In’s movie “The Match” and the series “The Last Fool”. Netflix was scheduled to start filming “Hellbound 2” around June, so it may be difficult to prepare for the work depending on the results of Yoo Ah In’s police investigation. 

On February 9th, a Netflix official told Star News, “I heard the report late at night, and I am currently grasping the situation through media reports.”

Yoo Ah In is being investigated by the police for habitually administering propofol from multiple hospitals. After returning from a trip to the United States on the 5th, Yoo Ah In was investigated by the police on the 6th. The police are said to have requested an analysis of Yoo Ah In’s body hair to the National Institute of Scientific Investigation to confirm whether he habitually used propofol.


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