Actor Lee Beom Soo Denies Power Abuse Allegations Made By Students

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Actor Lee Beom Soo’s agency has issued a new statement addressing power abuse allegations.

On December 8, Lee Beom Soo’s Agency, Big Punch Entertainment released a statement and apologized for the controversy, they wrote,

Hello, this is Big Punch Entertainment.
We apologize for this unexpected controversy and misunderstanding about actor Lee Beom Soo. To clear up the misunderstanding, here are the facts: 
Actor Lee Beom Soo has been teaching in the school since 2014 and has taught students for 8 years. After discussing with the school regarding the class schedule, He received an answer that it is possible to hold classes on weekends rather than weekdays. Especially this year, there were cases where classes could not be held on weekdays due to the filming schedule for one drama and one movie, and there were also cases where the Academic Office could not be notified of the schedule in advance due to a sudden change in the filming schedule.
For this, he asked for understanding from the students, and since then, he has been faithfully teaching through supplementary classes. He apologizes for not being able to adjust to students’ individual study schedules. Also, if communication with students regarding this part has been poor, he will try to improve it.
However, he has never discriminated against students or verbally abused them. Other allegations are also groundless.

The actor is undergoing an investigation at the school and has been responding faithfully to clarify the facts. In addition, the agency announced that it will take strict legal action against those who spread false information.

Recently, in an online forum, a netizen A, who introduced himself as a student at the Department of Performing Arts at Shinhan University, posted an article and claimed that he/she was beaten by Lee Beom Soo, the dean of the department. The netizen also claimed that Lee Beom Soo discriminated against the students by dividing rich students into class A and poor students into class B. The teaching assistant also heard abuse from Lee Beom Soo. 

Due to this situation, half of the first-year students took a leave of absence and dropped out, and they reported it to the school, but the report was leaked to Lee Beom Soo.

Lee Beom Soo has been teaching and serving as the dean of the Department of Performing Arts at Shinhan University since 2014.


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