Actor Kim Min Seung Dead At 47

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Actor Kim Min Seung suddenly passed away on May 20, sources confirm.

The actor’s death took fans by surprise, his funeral processions were held on May 22 at a hospital in Suwon with the presence of his family, relatives and friends.

The actor was born in 1971; he was 48 years old (by Korean reckoning) when he passed away. He debuted back in 1994 as a model and won GV2 and Basic Model Award.

He became an actor later and played major and minor roles in many films such as “Before Summer Goes Away,” “Top Star” and drama “Mask.” He was mostly known for his role in the film “Battlefield Heroes,” he played the role of a general. His latest film was “Mission: Steal the Top Star” where he played the role of a gangster boss.

May his soul rest in peace! Our sincerest condolences to his family and friends!

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