Actor Kim Min Gyu Signs A Contract With New Agency

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Actor Kim Min Gyu has signed an exclusive contract with his new agency Companion Company.

The agency Companion Co. said, “As we start anew with a strong trust relationship with people who have worked with us for a long time, we will provide full support to all activities in various areas,” adding, “As he has built solid acting skills, we will do our best to support him so that he can expand his diverse acting spectrum through a wide range of activities in the future.”

Kim Min Kyu, who debuted in 2013, is expanding his position as an actor who can be trusted and watched by catching the public’s eyes with his overwhelming presence in each work.

In particular, in last year’s drama ”A Business Proposal”, he took on the role of Cha Seong Hun, the chief secretary of GO Food President Kang Tae Moo, and impressed viewers by expressing a character with both friendliness and loyalty at the same time. He has also appeared in “Because this is My First Life”, “Perfume”, “Queen: Love and War”, “Backstreet Rookie”, and “Snowdrop” and worked in various genres.

Kim Min Gyu is scheduled to meet the public as Lambrary & Woo Yeon Woo in the tvN drama “A Heavenly Idol, which will be premiered on February 15th.


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