Actor Jo Seong Ha Announced His Brother Has Passed Away, To Remain Absent From Upcoming Movie Promotions

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Actor Jo Seong Ha has delivered the sad news.

On December 25th, Jo Seong Ha announced through his SNS that his big brother has passed away. 

He would inevitably be absent from the stage greeting for the movie ‘The Owl’ and said,

“My beloved older brother passed away. So fast… so sad.

Today is the day “The  Owl” stage greeting was promised, but I don’t think I can keep the promise. Thank you for your understanding.

Other fellow actors are working hard to meet you, so please love them a lot.

My eldest brother wanted to see “The Owl”, but it’s a pity that he went to heaven without being able to see it because he was fighting an illness.

Have a healthy and happy day everyone.”

Jo Seong Ha is currently promoting the movie “The Owl” which was released last month.


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