Actor Ji Soo Posts Handwritten Apology Letter In Response To His Past Bullying Accusations

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Actor Ji Soo has personally responded to the bullying accusations made against him. He is wrapped up in bullying rumors and school violence rumors by multiple alleged victims.

Last night, his agency released an initial statement to clarify they were looking into the facts and will release a follow-up after finding out the truth and hearing from the posters, and today, the actor himself has posted a handwritten letter.

The accusations made against Actor Ji Soo ranges from verbal bullying to physical bullying and other unspeakable allegations [to which the agency hasn’t commented on yet], however, the actor didn’t specify what exactly he was apologizing for in his letter leaving room for interpretation and even more questions from his fans and the general public.

Here is the handwritten letter he shared,

I sincerely apologize to those who suffered because of me.
There is no excuse to what kind of misdeeds I have made in the past
They were unforgivable actions.

When I started acting, I kept my past hidden, and I received an underserved amount of attention by the public, I think this is how I came all the way here.

However, in my heart, there was always a part of me inside that felt guilty about the past and my regret, which became too late for me to turn things back, have always been a great deal of anxiety for me. My dark past has always weighed on me.

I deeply apologize to those who must have suffered for a long time while watching me go about my work as an actor, and will regret and reflect on my past which can never be washed away, for the rest of my life.

I am tormented and feel guilty about the fact that I have inflicted tremendous damage upon the network, producers, actors, and all of the staff who have been quietly working hard on the drama set [of “River Where the Moon Rises“].

I desperately hope that the drama doesn’t have to see further damage because of me.

Upon my knees, I sincerely apologize to everyone who has been hurt by me.

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His agency has not issued a follow-up statement in regards to his handwritten letter. Fans have been asking him to step down from “River Where the Moon Rises” as a result. A petition to remove him has been posted to the KBS Viewers Rights Center.

UPDATE: “River Where The Moon Rises” Cancels Today’s Filming + To Discuss The Future Of Actor Ji Soo’s Appearance

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  1. I think there is no right or wrong opinions on this issue. Lots of korean actors and idols was accused of bullying from their past. Some maybe truth but others are just trying to hurt the reputations of the artist.This will also help agencies to ensure that the artist they cast should not only have beautiful face but should also have beautiful heart. Let us not judge their life as if they are all trash just because of the articles about their school year. Even if it is true, we don’t have the rights to say bad words about them because we’re not the victim. Let’s refrain for making them victim from being the assailant.

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