7 Talented Korean Actresses We’d Like To See Next In A Drama With Ji Chang Wook

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Ji Chang Wook is enlisting to the military on the 14th of August in less than 10 days from now.

Fans are very sad and are not happy about waving goodbye to their idol for almost 2 years.

The actor has recently finished his last drama before his enlistment “Suspicious Partner” in which he received lots of love and many fans shipped him with Nam Ji Hyun who was 9 years his junior.


Throughout his long career which started officially back in 2008, he has had the pleasure of sharing the screen with some of the best and most competent actresses currently active in the industry.

His first drama was a backup role back in 2008’s long running KBS drama “You Stole My Heart”, he spent many years doing longer than usual kdramas.

His next role was in 2009’s “My too perfect sons”, he played one of the sons in a minor role as well, the drama ran for 54 long episodes.


And then in 2010 he managed to snag his first EVER leading role opposite the veteran actress Do Ji Won who was born in 1966, who played his mother will low mental age.

He continues to do dramas which did okay in ratings but he was yet to be considered a top actor, he even took a step back and take the secondary role opposite Ju Ji Hoon in “Five Fingers” back in 2012, which was also a long drama with 30 episodes.


He then nailed his ground breaking role in 2013’s “Empress Ki”, he shared the screen with his noona Ha Ji Won, who was one of his previous co-stars who promised to visit him in the army.

He had such great chemistry with her and this was the role that shot him to the hallyu status where he joined Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Min Ho and many others similar to his age.

He even won multiple awards for his amazing acting in the drama, and the drama itself did so well in the ratings and passed the 30% legendary mark, and was also a long drama with 51 episodes.


It was one of the dramas the actor recommended his fans watch while he’s serving the military, since it’s a long drama, that’ll keep his fans busy.

Ji Chang Wook can easily pull off any role and has great chemistry with any female actress out there.

Which raised the question that many fans took part of it, which actress should share the screen with Ji Chang Wook next?

There are many good and popular female actresses who will have amazing chemistry with. Many fans believe that the drama he does with any of these actresses would be great.

So at jazminemedia.com decided to do some research and find the best possible next star to share the screen with Ji Chang Wook.

Park shin hye


This dream pairing is a fan-favourite, both national and international kdrama fans would love to see the two share the screen in a movie or a drama together, thou they prefer the drama because they’d get to see both together twice a week for 3 months at least.

Park Shin Hye has shared the screen with Lee Minho and Jang Geun Suk and many many other hallyu stars and can easily create good chemistry with any of the stars she’s with.

We also think that Ji Chang Wook can help make Park Shin Hye comfortable enough to actually do a good kissing scene that isn’t cringe-worthy.

Aside from that one simple problem, the two would make an excellent choice for a drama that surely all kdrama fans will tune in to see.



Suzy is another amazing idol-actress that’d look great if she shared the screen with Ji Chang Wook.

The actress had her fair share of amazingly talented hallyu stars in dramas, she starred alongside Gong Yoo in Big and Kim Soo Hyun and Taecyeon, not to mention Kim Woo Bin.

She has a new drama coming up, she’s sharing the screen with Lee Jong Suk, who had also shared the screen with Park Shin Hye in “Pinocchio”.

We think the two would make an amazing pair to share the screen, fans would be so happy to see them together and they’d have great chemistry.

We’d love to see them share the screen in a rom-com drama, that’d suit them both so well.

Kim Ji Won


Kim Ji Won is also another strong candidate that’d make a splash if paired with Ji Chang Wook.

The actress also shared the screen with numerous hot throbs of kdrama in “The Heirs” and had a one-sided love relationship to Lee Min Ho who ended up with Park Shin Hye.

But fear not because Kim Ji Won snagged Park Seo Joon in the popular KBS drama “Fight My Way” and had great chemistry with him.

We think they’d make a great couple, both are good kissers and both are devilishly good looking, they’d steal the spotlight and fangirl/fanboys hard with their amazing chemistry.

We’d highly recommend the two do a rom-com drama which also centres on the trouble of youth, lets see how well would Ji Chang Wook do when he isn’t playing someone who is bright and successful.

Han Hyo Joo


Han Hyo Joo is another amazing actress who had also had the pleasure to share the screen with many A-list Korean actors.

She is probably the luckiest one to be featured on this list having done the popular movie “The beauty inside”, she shared the screen with basically everyone who was popular at the time, including Park Seo Joon and Lee Dong Wook.

We think she’d make a great looking pair with Ji Chang Wook, they’re both easy on the eyes and would look good together, although we think that Han Hyo Joo could a little more practice, we still think she’s suit Ji Chang Wook well.

We’d recommend the two share the screen in a sci-fi drama, a drama genre that isn’t discussed or adapted enough in kdramas, we think they’d do well falling in love whilst fighting robots and corrupt futuristic computers.

Go Ara


Go Ara is another amazing actress we think would suit Ji Chang Wook very well.

The actress is well respected and loved and sought after by many directors and writers in the industry, she is also a beauty and has been mentioned as many Korean entertainers ideal type.

The actress recently shared the screen with Park Seo Joon in Hwarang and had the chance to also share the company of every hot male idol also involved in this historical fan-favorite drama.

We think they’d complement one another very well; they both would look great together, and would be an eye-popping couples.

We’d recommend they share the screen in a historical drama that would be equally entertaining as much as it’d be heartbreaking and tearing jerking to watch.

Park Bo Young


Park Bo Young would be another amazing possible lead actress to share the screen with Ji Chang Wook.

Although she’ll forever be remembered as Park Hyung Sik’s woman, they both shared the screen in one of the most popular kdramas of 2017 “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”, we still think Ji Chang Wook can give Park Hyung Sik’s a run for his money and can even potentially steal the title and the heart of Park Bo Young.

We think they would make a cute couple who’d occasionally act cheesy around each other; their height difference will only add to the cuteness of them and will serve as a good example of why tall men should date short girls.

Park Bo Young had her fair share of hallyu stars and even shared the screen with the one and only Song Joong Ki in “a warewolf boy”. Nevertheless we think Ji Chang Wook won’t have a problem establishing a good relationship with Park Bo Young.

We think they’d make a great couple, who’d fight injustice in a crime-related drama, one of a kind in which they both are kick-ass leads in the drama and steal our hearts in the process as well.



Sulli might be an odd choice but would nevertheless be an interesting choice to be paired with Ji Chang Wook.

Sulli has been selected as one of the best idol-turned-actresses and is praised by the directors she worked with previously.

She might have a controversial image but we think they’d be a beautiful couple together. She is by far the youngest selection on our list but still the two would have great chemistry together.

Sulli has also shared the screen with other hallyu stars, most notably Kim Soo Hyun in the 19+ noir film “Real”, the two shared more than kisses and the director praised the actress for her dedication to the role.

We think they’d make a great pair who will have on and off relationship in a cult-related drama, a dark drama that isn’t afraid of shedding light on yet another thing we don’t see Koreans discuss often.

We’d like to see how easy it is to scare Ji Chang Wook, and how well he’d work with Sulli in a drama preferably.

So this makes our list complete. These 7 great actresses would all make a great partner to Ji Chang Wook.

We will hold our tissue box and cry whilst watching each Ji Chang Wook drama back to back waiting for 2019 to come.

Do you agree with our picks? Which actress do you think would better suit Ji Chang Wook? Do you have any other suggestions?

We’re having difficulties saying goodbye to Ji Chang Wook for now, so we decided to write an article (2 days apart) that discusses his life, his achievement and why we love him so much.

Stay tuned to our youtube and blog to watch and read what to come.

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  1. I really like the suggesting list, and I would like if JCW can pair with KJW first and shin hye follow by Sulli.I think it will be a great drama..

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