A Korean Actor In His 40s Arrested For Drunk Driving And Interfering With Police Duties

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A Korean Actor in his 40s is under fire after it was revealed that he was arrested for drunk driving.

On December 18, the Gwanak Police Department in Seoul detained Mr. A on suspicion of drunk driving, special assault, and interference with special public duties.

Mr. A was arrested for drunk driving after helping a motorcyclist who had fallen down on the floor, one citizen mistook it as a hit-and-run and called the police. He was found very drunk at the scene.

According to reports, Mr. A’s blood alcohol concentration was at a level that would result in the revocation of his driver’s license. Mr. A is also accused of hindering the police officers who responded to the scene.

The police are currently investigating the specific circumstances of the incident.

Stay tuned for updates!

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