2PM’s Taecyeon, Apink’s Jung Eun Ji And Ha Seok Jin Feature In First Video Teaser Of Upcoming Drama

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tvN’s upcoming drama “Blind” has unveiled its first video teaser.

“Blind” tells the story of regular people who unfairly became victims and ordinary perpetrators who have closed their eyes to the uncomfortable truth. It will tell the stories of detectives, judges, law school students, and jurors. The story shall focus on detectives, judges, law school students, and jurors.

It will be penned by screenwriter Kwon Ki Kyung of “Andante” and helmed by producing director (PD) Shin Yong Hwi of “Tunnel” and “Voice 4.”

The drama is led by 2PM’s Taecyeon, Apink’s Jung Eun Ji and Ha Seok Jin. Taecyeon plays the role of Ryu Sung Joon, a violent crimes detective who is determined to catch criminals, because he’s so motivated, he’s often mistaken for a thug.

Ha Seok Jin takes on the role of Ryu Sung Joon’s older brother Ryu Sung Hoon. He is a genius who graduated at the top of his class and became a perfectionist judge. He’s straightforward in his job and tries to be fair as much as he can.

Jung Eun Ji, stars as the social worker Jo Eun Ki. She’s gone through all sorts of hardships and became a social worker who strives to help at least one more child. She is generous and broad-minded person

The newly released video teaser shows the three characters surrounded by thick fog as they search for the truth. Check out the teaser below!

“Blind” will premiere in September.

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