2PM’s Chansung Confirmed To Star In Upcoming Drama Alongside Yoo In Na

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2PM’s Chansung will appear in ENA’s original drama “Look! Deborah”.

“Look! Deborah” depicts a thrilling romantic comedy between Deborah (Yoo In Na), a love coach, and Soo Hyeok (Yoon Hyun Min), a chic man who has difficulty falling in love.

Director Lee Tae Gon, who is loved by the public for his works like, “Crazy X In The District”, “Civil War Of The Prosecutor” and “Age Of Youth 1 2” and writer Ah Kyung, who is recognized for his witty writing skills with “Crazy X In The District” will unite once again.

In the drama, Chansung will play the role of Noh Joo Wan, a talented and charming single man, and will show off complex, subtle, and unpredictable chemistry with Yoo In Na.

Chansung said, “Noh Joo Wan in the romantic comedy I haven’t seen in a long time is a fresh character I’ve never met before, so I’m more affectionate. I hope that those who watch the thrilling roller coaster of colorful emotions that everyone in a relationship experiences will relate to it. In particular, I ask for a lot of interest in this work, which will be completed with strong directing skills and an attractive scenario.”

Chansung debuted with 2PM in 2008 and proved his acting skills through the dramas ”Show Window: The Queen’s House”, “Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi”, “Queen For Seven Days” and “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?”.

Recently, he was selected as the lead role in the Korean version of “Hong Kong within me” of CJ ENM Hong Kong’s global project “Hong Kong in the Lens”, which was written and directed by director Kang Yun Seong.


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