2017 Best Exceptional Korean Drama Bromances

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Romance is nice and all, but its not all there is to kdramas nowadays.

And in recent years, bromance couples have become a necessity, not that we’re complaining.

2017 has had many great on-screen couples, but it also had other great bromance couples that in some cases even overshadowed the romance in some cases.

So today on jazminemedia.com I am talking about my personal favorite bromance couples of 2017 kdramas.

 Strong woman do bong soon: Ahn Min Hyuk And Gook Du


Park Hyung Sik played one of 2017’s cheesiest characters, but I can’t help but love his love-hate relationship with actor Jisoo.

Park Hyung Sik takes on the role of Ahn Min Hyuk, a CEO who falls in love with a tiny strong woman called Bong Soon.

In the drama early episodes, many people are confused by Ahn Min Hyuk’s sexuality, he does point out that he likes himself good-looking men and points out that Jisoo’s character Gook Du was just perfect.

This prompts Bong Soon to try her best to separate the two from each other.

Throughout the drama course the two continue their bickering and adorable tense relationship, it was obvious that Ahn Min Hyuk was smitten by the strong cold Gook Do as much as Bong Soon initially was.

And of course, fans can’t forget the legendary drunk bar scene in which the two hug each other to sleep.


If that isn’t bromance, then what is?

Chicago Typewriter: Yoo Jin O And Han Se Joo


Yoo Ah In made his drama comeback with a splash as the bad-tempered writer Han Se Joo who is going through a slump.

Throughout the drama course he becomes acquainted with a ghost of his past-life friend, complicated enough? Well the complication doesn’t end there.

At first, he tries his best to kick the ghost played by Go Kyung Pyo out of his house but then ends up surrendering and slowly reconnecting with his ghost friend.

Throughout the course of the drama, the two become closer and closer as much as they’ve already been in their past life.

Their bromance in the drama was such a pleasant addition, I loved how the two bickered and how frustrated Se Joo looked at times while trying to kick him out.

Mad Dog: Choi Kang Woo And Kim Min Joon


Another sort of love-hate relationship that grew out to be better than I had thought it would.

Woo Doo Hwan stars opposite Yoo Ji Tae as the swindler, who’s brother kills Yoo Ji Tae’s son and wife among other 200 airplane passengers.

The two start off on the wrong foot and Kang Woo (Yoo Ji Tae) attempts to get rid of him and to stay away from him, they end up joining forces trying to find the truth behind the infamous airplane crash.

The two have a cute-tense brotherly relationship. They might fight and disagree at times, but their characters are more similar than what they appear to be at first.

Throughout the drama course, the begin to develop a better relationship, through taking down corruption within big companies trying to bury the truth.

Woo Do Hwan shines brightly in the drama opposite one of Korea’s best actors.

Fight My Way: Ko Dong Man And Kim Joo Man


“Fight My Way” is to be mentioned a lot in our end-year specials.

Not only one of 2017’s best kdramas but also one of 2017’s best bromance couples.

Dong Man (Park Seo Joon) and Joo Man (Ahn Jae Hong) have a very adorable relationship.

The two have known each other for so long, so in the drama they had to act as if they knew each other for a long time, Ahn Jae Hong is a couple of years older than Park Seo Joon but that didn’t take a toll on their on-screen and off-screen bromance.

In my opinion, the entire cast of “Fight My Way” had great synergy, they looked and felt like they were getting along pretty well, I never once felt awkwardness, I like and appreciate that, they worked hard on making the mood on set well.

The Main Cast Of Hwarang


The second time Park Seo Joon makes it on our list.

“Hwarang” tells the story of Flowering Knights- an elite group of male youth during the Kingdom of Silla.

The entire cast of the drama had so much fun filming for the drama, they got along so well together that they still keep in touch with each other till this day, they even share a group chat and meet up every once and a while for drinks despite their busy schedules.

Park Seo Joon, Choi Minho, Park Hyung Sik, Do Ji Han, Jo Yoon Woo and BTS’s V share a precious bond together. The group youngest V is treated with care, he’s the youngest and also the cutest, he tries to be manly around his hyungs but fails in many times.

The group keeps on supporting each other, recently Park Seo Joon and Park Hyung Sik attended BTS’s concert in Seoul to support the cutie V. Its nice to see that they still have close friendship even after the drama wrapped up shooting.


Chief Kim: Seo Yool And Kim Sung Ryong


This bromance couple is one of the list’s funniest.

Nam Goong Min and 2PM’s Junho share a funny love-hate relationship.

“Chief Kim” is one of 2017 funniest kdramas, it has a deep message to share and talks about bad people who become good throughout the drama course.

Starting with Nam Goong Min’s character, he was a man who manages money for gangsters, by pure luck he stumbles upon “TQ Group” and gets the position to work as their chief.

He starts to change and so does the man who hired him, 2PM’s Junho plays the cold-hearted TQ Group Finance Director Seo Yool. Director Seo Yool is disrespectful of everyone around him, he’s cocky and difficult to handle.

Director Seo Yool treats Chief Kim badly and disrespects him despite their age difference. They start off on the wrong foot but soon become buddies.

Nam Goong Min had great chemistry with Junho, and I honestly thought that they shared better chemistry than Nam Goong Min did with the main female lead.

There is a famous cheek kiss scene in the drama that made fangirls hearts flutter, 2PM’s Junho later admitted that the kiss was warm.

Temperature of love: Ohn Jung Sun And Park Jung Woo


“Temperature of love” is one the good rom-coms of this year.

Yang Se Jong snags his first leading role Ohn Jung Sun in less than a year from his debut with SBS’s “Temperature of love.”

His bromance with his entire team in the kitchen along with his bromane with Kim Jae Wook’s character Park Jung Woo made this drama fun to watch.

The two also share a love-hate relationship, they fall in love with the same girl which makes matters even more complicated.

The two meet because Park Jung Woo is a huge fan of Ohn Jung Sun dishes, they develop into close friendship and tell stories of the same woman without them knowing that.

Jung Woo decides to eventually give up his love for the main female character but remains good friends with Jung Sun despite all that happened between them.

The two suited each other so well, and appeared to be having fun on set.

Suspicious Partner: Ji Eun Hyuk And No Ji Wook


One of the sweetest SBS dramas of 2017 has to be Ji Chang Wook’s oppa last drama before enlistment.

The main reason why I watched the drama was because of Ji Chang Wook, but I found the rest of the cast and their chemistry very pleasing.

The drama is a rom-com, Ji Chang Wook plays the role of the hot-headed a prosecutor named Noh Ji Wook, while Choi Tae Joon plays the role of lawyer Ji Eun Hyuk.

The two characters were friends for a while, Ji Eun Hyuk fell in love with Kwon Nara’ character Cha Yoo Jung, but he misses his chance when she confesses to Ji Wook.

They start dating, Cha Yoo Jung then does the unexpectable and cheats on her boyfriend Noh Ji Wook with his best friend Ji Eun Hyuk. Noh Ji Wook finds out and is very angered by what had occurred and decides to never contact them again.

He leaves hi ex and stops paying attention or hanging around his best friend Ji Eun Hyuk. Ji Eun Hyuk knows that he made a grave mistake and that no matter what Ji Wook won’t forget him.

Regardless, throughout the drama run, you can clearly see that Ji Wook’s attitude towards his friend Eun Hyuk slightly changes, Ji Wook still cares about his friend.

Both actors are actually friends in real life, their actual friendship helped with creating better more realistic on-screen relationship.

Despite their differences and Eun Hyuk grave mistake, I couldn’t help but love their bromance. It was so refreshing and adorable to see.

While You Were Asleep: Han Woo Tak, Jung Seung Won And Jung Jae Chan


“While you were sleeping” is one of 2017 most fun dramas to watch, the entire main cast chemistry was off the roof and I enjoyed every character.

Lee Jong Suk had amazing chemistry with Jung Hae In in the drama. The two became friends ever since shooting the drama which had began earlier 2017 and continued until summer 2017.

Lee Jong Suk played Jung Jae Chan, a rookie prosecutor while Jung Hae In played the handsome Han Woo Tak, a police officer.

The two meet when Jung Jae Chan saves Han Woo Tak’s life, they all dream of what will happen in the future, they become close friends but fall in love with the same girl, Suzy’s character Hong Joo.

Han Woo Tak realizes that he’s fallen in love with the same girl as his friend but decides to never make move because he sees how much she likes Jung Jae Chan.

Despite that, Han Woo Tak made sure that they keep their friendship and prevented possible awkwardness from being created.

Lee Jong Suk bromance with his younger on-screen brother Seung Won played by Shin Jae Ha was also another great addition to the drama.


In reality, the three became friends and even travelled together to Japan for a retreat after the drama has wrapped up shooting. They continue to support one another and are still friends to this day.

Jung Hae In says that Lee Jong Suk is a shy person but the sweetest once you get to know him.

Save Me: Han Sang Hwan, Suk Dong Chul, Woo Jung Hoon And Choi Man Hee


“Save Me” is one of 2017 most unique challenging (to watch) dramas.

It tells the story of a religious cult, something that many kdramas shy away from.

Its about four boys who hear a woman whispering “Save me,” they rush to save her and soon find out that she’s trapped in some kind of pseudo-religious cult.

It’s a very dark drama that can be difficult to watch, but the bromance and true friendship between its Four Bumpkins makes it much more fun and light-hearted at times.

Ok Taecyeon plays Han Sang Hwan, Woo Do Hwan plays Suk Dong Chul, Lee David plays Woo Jung Hoon, and Ha Hoe Jung plays Choi Man Hee.

Together the four try their best to uncover the truth behind the religious cult and save the girl.

The four have an amazing bond, they’re all very brave considering the fact that they’re still high school students. Every actor put on an amazing performance in the drama as well.

This drama might be not everyone’s cup of tea, but the boys’ friendship and loyalty are one of this year’s best bromance.

So, this wraps up my personal list of 2017 best on-screen bromance couples.

Do you agree with my list? Which bromance couple would you also like to add to the list?[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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