Times Kai And Jennie Hinted At Their Relationship But It Went Right Under Your Nose

Following the shocking announcement of BLACKPINK Jennie and EXO Kai dating news, netizens looked back at past possible clues that hinted at their relationship and the results are actually surprising.

So we thought we would compile a list of what netizens found that they claim could be evidence to prove they were destined for each other.

Jennie’s pet dog being named Kai

In case you guys didn’t know, Jennie has two pet dogs, Kuma and Kai. The oldest dog Kai is 8 years old Cocker Spaniel, Jennie showed off her two dogs on an episode of SBS’s “We will Channel You.”

Some claim this ‘evidence’ is faulty, while others think its weird to have named a dog Kai and it not have anything to do with EXO or Kai. EXO debuted 6 years ago and it could be that they didn’t get the dog the moment it was born but when it was two or three years old.

Kai and Jennie’s alleged lovestagram

Some celebrity idols love dropping hints through their social media accounts, hints of their current relationship status, and that seems to be the case with Jennie and Kai. K-netizens call this ‘lovestagram.’

Jennie was in France back around the same time Kai was, so believe some netizens. The two uploaded on different occasions to their Instagram accounts. Kai uploaded a photo of him with the Eiffel tour behind him while Jennie followed with a photo of the Eiffel tour behind her, they posted the photos on October 3rd, 2018.

Jennie captioned her photo with “Had the most romantic dinner admiring the Eiffel tower.”

Kai pointing at Jennie on Live TV?

In November, Jennie debuted as a solo artist with the hit track “SOLO” and around the same time EXO was promoting “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo,” WINNER’s Mino joined the comeback rush in late November, so the three ended up promoting around the same time on music shows, EXO rejoined again promoting their repackage album with “Love Shot.”

On the December 15 episode of MBC’s Music Core, Mino ended up winning a trophy and sang the encore of his hit track “fiancé,” his competition was Jennie and TWICE. During the encore when he sings the word “Fiancé” you can see Kai pointing his fingers at Jennie who’s shyly standing there while every male idol is staring at her.

Kai was behind her, fans revisited the fancam and found it extremely interesting how he pointed his fingers at his girlfriend at the time.

You can check out the full encore here.

Is Kai close to Jennie’s ideal type?

Recently, Jennie talked about her ideal type on an episode of SBS’s “Village Survival.”

She talked about things that the opposite sex does that make her heart flutter. The first was when he remembers what she says, the second when he listens to her intensely and the third is when he takes off his jacket for her, the fourth is when he shades her face to her on a sunny day, and the fifth when he matches her pace with her.

In an interview with Arirang Radio, BLACKPINK members answered they preferred the cute type to the sexy type except for Jennie who said she prefers the sexy type. Kai is one of the sexiest idols there is.

In another interview, Jennie said her ideal type is someone who’s passionate and hardworking for his career.

Kai and Jennie’s matching T-shirts?

Fans have also found evidence of Jennie and Kai wearing matching t-shirts and uploaded them to the internet. In her solo diary, Jennie was wearing a t-shirt that matches something Kai wore.

Of course, this could all be a far stretch since that t-shirt can be famous and a lot of people wear it, but if take a look at Dispatch photos, they highlight a lot of the outfits the couple wore out on dates as matching outfits.

In case you didn’t know, Korean couples love matching outfits, they love wearing them and consider them a symbol of showing their affection to each other.

Jennie’s necklace, refering to Kai’s Real Name?

In another photo dug up by fans, Jennie can be seen wearing necklaces around her neck, two of the necklaces have the initials “K” and “J.” Kai’s real name is Kim Jongin, coincidence? Could be!


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