“Dali And Cocky Prince” Ratings Rise To An All-Time High While “Hometown” Sinks To Its Lowest Yet Due To Its Controversial Screenwriter Past

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KBS’s drama “Dali And Cocky Prince” is doing well!

This week’s episodes of “Dali And Cocky Prince” saw a new rise for the drama and its personal best numbers in terms of ratings.

According to Nielsen Korea, “Dali And Cocky Prince” 3rd episode scored an average nationwide rating of 5.1% while its 4th episode scored 5.3% marking a new personal record for the drama. “Dali And Cocky Prince” had premiered to ratings in the 4% range and this week it has gained more attention.

On the other hand, tvN’s “Hometown” fell to an all-time low, its 3rd episode scored an average nationwide rating of 2.58% and its 4th episode fell even lower to 2%. The drama’s ratings took a hit after it was revealed that its screenwriter Joo Jin was a pen name used by Cho Hyun Hoon, a director who admitted in 2018 to sexually harassing a fellow director.

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Source: Nielsen Korea

My personal thoughts- written by Jass K.

The new Wednesday-Thursday dramas are a mixed bag.

“Dali And Cocky Prince” is fun but the amount of disrespect the female lead receives in this drama is quite annoying and difficult to watch at times. The type of juvenile behavior exhibited by this adult man in his late 20s as he crushes on a woman but treats her like utter crap reminding her of how broke she’s become is not that charming anymore. If I do continue to watch this drama, I will likely do an entire article to dissect why Kim Min Jae’s character is problematic and shouldn’t be rewarded.

What happened to “Hometown” is sad. I don’t know why they thought it could probably ever be okay, scrapping the project altogether might have cost them less. I say this because the production company has stated they only found out who the screenwriter was after they had made plans to begin shooting.

Above all else, I feel bad for everyone involved because of one man’s actions, but at the same time, it is totally understandable if a viewer doesn’t want to support the writing of a director who sexually harassed a woman. I see both sides of the argument.

In his statement addressing the issue, Cho Hyun Hoon says he never tried to hide what he’s done but despite that, he did use a pen name [Joo Jin] so it makes his statement fall short. If he wasn’t trying to hide it, he shouldn’t have used a pen name to begin with. Its an unfortunate situation all around.

By Hilda Moore

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