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The Secret About How Idols Manage To Date Throughout Their Careers Finally Revealed

Public dating between idols is frowned upon as many fans believe the idols belong to them and should focus on working hard instead of...

Kpop Idols Who Lost Their One Of Their Parents

Kpop Idols are not strangers to tragedy and some of them ended up losing their loved ones even at a young age. So today, lets...

Female Idols Who Remain Insanely Popular Despite Debuting More Than 10 Years Ago

The Kpop industry is a fast moving industry and it’s very easy to fall out of popularity and get replaced, this is one of...

Doing These Things Could LITERALLY Cost You Your Career If You’re A Kpop Idol

Being a kpop idol is no easy feat. There are many things that idols must abide by in order to debut but even abiding...

[UPDATED] TXT Members Profile (Age, Position, Facts, Ideal Type, Religion, And More)

TXT is the first Kpop boy group from Big Hit Entertainment since BTS, so people are very excited and curious about TXT members. Today...

Is Big Hit Entertainment Crack Down On Obsessive Sasaeng Enough To Deter Danger Away?

The bigger BTS grows, the more delusional people who call themselves fans appear. sasaengs (obsessive-so-called-fans) are becoming more of an issue for BTS despite the...

23 Korean Idols And Actors Most Likely To Enlist In 2019

While 2018 draws to a close so does the final promotions of many idols and actors who will most likely have to enlist in...