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5 Couples Who Were Revealed To Be In A Relationship In 2018

We’re only 8 days into 2018 and we already have 5 couples, of whom four are officially confirmed and two other celebrity new marriage...

Kpop Idols, Actors And Artists Who Left YG Entertainment In 2019- So Far

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7 Idols Who’s Drastic Sudden Weight Loss Caused Huge Concern Among Fans

Being a Kpop idol is not an easy feat, idols have to do so many things in hopes of one day becoming an idol,...

News And Stories That Shook The Kpop Community In 2018

A lot has happened in 2018, while it doesn’t compare to how devastating 2017 and 2014 were, it was still a very challenging year...

SHINee Had A Difficult Year, The Group Deserved Better

2017 has been a difficult year for all of us Kpop fans out here! 2017 ended on a bad note, 2 weeks ago, SHINee’s lead...

Every Kpop Idol Who Left Their Group In 2019- FULL Comprehensive List

2019 has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride filled with ups but mostly downs for the many Kpop fandoms. Many things happened including...

BTS Might Have Just Broken 4 International YouTube Records With “IDOL” MV

BTS fans are now extremely busy streaming BTS’s new MV, the goal is 50 million views in the first 24 hours, some ambitious fans...