“The Golden Spoon” Accused Of Showing Favoritism Towards A Supporting Actor Instead Of The Main Actors In Promotional Content, MBC Apologizes

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MBC drama “The Golden Spoon” is in trouble over allegations of biased publicity.

Recently, suspicions have been raised in the online community that the MBC drama “The Golden Spoon” may be favoring certain actors, not leading actors, in promotional content such as making videos.

The claim is that supporting actor Son Woo Hyun accounts for more time than leading actors Yook Sungjae, Lee Jong Won, Jung Chaeyeon, and Yeonwoo in the making of videos of “The Golden Spoon.” In addition, behind-the-scenes photos posted on the official website show that the main character, Yook Sungjae’s photo, is out of focus, while the said important main actors’ kissing scene is rather cold in the making.

Fans also took a careful stance as they ran toward the end of the show, but some complained. There has even been a story that they might be fulfilling their own ulterior motives by making videos as an excuse.

However, according to the broadcaster, the making is distributed after consultation with the actor. An official told Herald POP,

The actors are close, so they took good care of each other when filming the making film on the sight. Therefore, there seems to be a part that makes it look like that from the results, but it is a pity that the misunderstanding is carried out after sufficient consultation.”

In the case of the main actor, the relatively great amount of filming to be done at the scene also seems to have affected this. It was made according to the situation on the sight, but there was no other intention. A drama official said,

It is the best drama that the actors showed the best chemistry in. We apologize for the inconvenience not only to the actors but also to the viewers who loved the drama.”

“The Golden Spoon” is just about to end. Amid the untimely controversy, attention is being paid to what direction the drama will flow in the future and whether it will be able to achieve a successful conclusion.

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