Kim So Hyun confirmed To Lead Upcoming Drama

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Actress Kim So Hyun has confirmed her appearance in the new drama “Useless Lies”(tentative title).

On November 11, Kim So Hyun’s agency, Ieum Hashtag, said, “Kim So Hyun has been cast in the role of in the new drama ‘A useless lie.’”

“Useless Lies,” tells the story of a woman who has the ability to hear lies and a man who refuses to lie. In addition, seven years ago, a woman’s disappearance was added to raise fun by guessing and reasoning about it in the drama.

Kim So Hyun will play the role of the female protagonist, “Liar Hunter” Meok Sol Hee. She thinks that her special ability is a curse, not a superpower, and in order to effectively utilize it, she will transform into a “Liar Hunter” who listens to people’s lies and will lead the drama. She is a person who gives up on the ordinary happiness of everyday life due to her ability to hear lies from an early age and meets Kim Do Ha and gets embroiled in new worries.

On top of that, director Nam Sung Woo, who has built a solid audience across action and romance genres with dramas such as  “Kkondae Intern,” “Kill,” and “My Roommate Is A Gumiho,” will direct the drama and expectations are high on what synergy he will show with Kim So Hyun.

“Useless Lies” is set to air in 2023.

Are you excited to see her in this drama?

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