Kim Dong Wook And Jin Ki Joo’s Upcoming Drama Releases First Vintage Teaser Posters Ahead Of January Release

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Kim Dong Wook And Jin Ki Joo’s Upcoming Drama “You, Whom I Met By Chance” has unveiled its first teaser stills and posters ahead of its January release.

Recently, KBS unveiled new stills and posters of its upcoming drama led by Kim Dong Wook and Jin Ki Joo.

“You, Whom I Met By Chance” is a mystery drama that tells the story of a man who is looking for the truth behind a series of killings and a woman who travels back in time to prevent the marriage of her parents. The drama will depict the strange and beautiful time trip of this man and woman who then get trapped in the year 1987.

Kim Dong Wook will take on the role of Yoon Hae Joon, who has a cool and straightforward personality. After joining a broadcasting company as a reporter, he becomes the youngest new anchor for the weekend 9’oclock news. He is a very handsome man who has great physical strength, is very smart, and is warm-hearted.

Jin Ki Joo will play Baek Yoon Young, she is an ordinary city woman of this era who always fulfills her duties at work. One day, while she was taking it on her mother because of her stressful work life, she suddenly experiences a sudden event where she starts living a different life and deeply regrets the things that happened in the past.

KBS has unveiled new teaser posters, the posters look old alluding to the time frame the drama shall take place in. Check out the posters down below!

“You, Whom I Met By Chance” is set to premiere in January of 2023.

Are you excited to watch this drama?  

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