Yoon Ji Sung Reveals He Asked His CEO To Allow Him To Leave Wanna One A Couple Of Years Back, Here Is Why

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Former Wanna One member, Yoon Ji Sung has revealed that in the process of battling internet mockery and hate comments, he considered leaving his group.

On the most recent episode of KBS2TV’s entertainment show “Ok? okay!”, Yoon Ji Sung made an appearance.

On this day, the “Ok? okay!” team went to Yonsei University for a meeting. It is Oh Eun Young’s alma mater. Oh Eun Young recalled, “It is a university that explores academics and dreams of students for the future, and trains for the future. When I saw the path that I stretched out as a freshman, I thought I should work hard for the country, family, and myself.

Yoon Ji Sung, a former member of Wanna One, a singer and soloist, appeared in the midst of this memory trip. Everyone admired his visuals, saying, “He represents the fresh youth campus itself.”

Above all, Oh Eun Young listened to Yoon Ji Sung’s concerns, who debuted as the final member of Wanna One five years ago and continued his solo career after disbanding. Yoon Ji Sung revealed his inner battle dealing with mockery on the internet,

I can’t express that I’m having a hard time. After Wanna One’s activities concluded in 2019, I went to the army and released a solo album, and worked in a drama, and musical after discharge from the army.
After that, Wanna One gathered for the first time at MAMA in 2021, and there was a comment saying, ‘You said you were in the army, what did you do?’, but I felt bad since I was working for a year without taking a day off. After that, I suddenly cried while taking a walk with my dog, I sat down and cried. I cried because I couldn’t feel at ease at home, and the lyrics didn’t come out of my mouth while recording, so I cried.”

Oh Eun Young advised, “Saying that you’re not having a hard time is denying and ignoring how you feel. You have to admit that you are having a hard time so that you can organize your feelings next.” 

In response, Yoon Ji Sung said,

From the audition program to the present, I have been the subject of mockery by the public. I heard a lot.

Yoon Ji Sung shared how much he suffered because of mockery and ridicule saying,

It was really hard time so much so that I went to the CEO and said while crying, ‘I want to leave Wanna One,’ But still I couldn’t let the people know of it. I didn’t want to be swayed by words that mocked me and become someone weak. I endured it by fighting alone.”

In response, Oh Eun Young advised by saying, “When criticized by others, fans’ evaluation is important in the popular art field, so it is important to maintain a balance between others and the values you see. If you don’t maintain that balance, you will feel terrible and go back to your own pain, and ‘I’ (Oneself) is always important.”

Meanwhile, KBS2TV’s entertainment show, “Ok? okay!” ended with a 12-episode. It is a healing talk program that visits stories from all over the country with concerns and consults regarding them.

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