Suzy To Comeback With Self-Composed Single “Cape” In October

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Suzy‘s new single and self-composed song “Cape” is dropping soon!

Suzy, who is trying to create her own music color as a singer-songwriter through the release of her digital single “Satellite,” will make a comeback as a singer with “Cape,” which she participated in writing and composing in about seven months.

This song is Suzy’s self-composed song, featuring a folk-oriented dreamy and lyrical melody. Although it is an arrangement focused on band sound and electric guitar, it is expected to showcase a different charm from Suzy’s other songs that have been released so far.

In addition, the jacket, which was released together, was taken by Suzy during her trip, and she calmly depicted herself listening to “Cape” as if she were listening to it for a while. Expectations for the new digital single have been raised trying to guess the kind of mood of the song.

This new album is the second work with producer Kang Hyun Min, who worked on “Satellite,” and Kang Hyun Min is a top singer-songwriter and producer in South Korea who is the leader of group Loveholic.

Suzy’s new single “Cape” will be released on various music sites at 6 p.m. on October 6.

Are you excited to listen to her new song “Cape”?

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