Nam Ji Hyun Opens Up About Working On “Little Women,” Her Goals And More In An Interview

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Nam Ji Hyun shares her thoughts about working on “Little Women,” how she sets her goals, and more in an interview with Cosmopolitan.

Cosmopolitan, a fashion magazine, released some of its pictorial photos with actress Nam Ji Hyun recently.

The pictorial with Nam Ji Hyun, who is playing a rational and goal-oriented reporter Oh In Kyung in the tvN’s ongoing drama “Little Women,” was held at an outdoor studio.

This pictorial focused on capturing the chic side and ambiance around Nam Ji Hyun as if “Oh In Kyung” came out of the drama. She showed a variety of looks, perfect expressions, and poses, in a manic suit and skirt that looked feminine.

After the photo shoot, the interview was conducted. Nam Ji Hyun expressed her confidence in the drama “Little Women” and the affectionate thoughts she felt during the scene while preparing for the filming, she shared,

I thought a lot about how I wouldn’t be able to meet this kind of team easily in the future. Director Kim Hee Won, Writer Seo Jeong Kyung, the actors, and all other staff members on the set seem to match together so well. I want to share the story of “Little Women” with many people.”

Just like her character in the drama, Nam Ji Hyun, who is in her 20s is living her life fiercely, said,

It is important for me to move in a better direction. I went to school while working at the same time, but I’ve been doing my best by setting a goal that I can achieve now. I try my best efforts at every moment by focusing on what is important to me right now.”

Also, when asked about the secret behind receiving many nicknames such as “Actress to trust and watch (a drama)” and “Actress who chooses works well,” she commented,

I don’t think it’s a nickname that I earned only by myself. I think I was able to show a variety of works because I chose a character who is different from roles done before, and a role that I can do well among them.”

Meanwhile, “Little Women” airs every Saturday and Sunday on Netflix and tvN.

Doesn’t she look beautiful?

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