Comedian Park Soo Hong Taken To Hospital After Being Assaulted By His Father

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Comedian Park Soo Hong has been reportedly taken to the hospital after being assaulted by his father during cross-examination by the prosecution.

Park Soo Hong was scheduled to conduct a cross-examination with his brother, who was arrested on charges of embezzlement at the Seoul Western District Prosecutors’ Office from 10 a.m. on October 4. It is known that his father and his brother-in-law attended the prosecution one after another from 9:30 a.m. as witnesses and sat together.

According to Park Soo Hong’s side, his father hit Park Soo Hong during the process, especially it is known that he threatened Park Soo Hong by saying words such as, “I will kill you with a weapon.” Police and ambulances were dispatched to the unexpected assault in the prosecutor’s office.

Park Soo Hong was rushed to the nearby Sinchon Yonsei Hospital in an ambulance. The extent of the injury is still not identified.

Earlier, Park Soo Hong’s older brother, was under investigation after a preliminary arrest warrant was issued. After signing a management contract with Park Soo Hong, his older brother is suspected of extorting off 2.1 billion won ($14,71,000) worth of profits, including performance fees, without properly paying them.

Prosecutors are investigating not onlyPark Soo Hong’s older brother but also his wife as an accomplice in the embezzlement scandal. The prosecution found that the comedian’s older brother used about 100 million won ($70,000) as a corporate card, and his wife is also suspected of paying millions of won in corporate cards at high-end fitness centers for women, skin care shops, and English and math academies for children.

We wish Park Soo Hong a speedy recovery.

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