Lee Sang Bo Cleared Of Drug Use Charges, Opens Up About Feeling Hurt Due To False Hasty Accusations And More

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Lee Sang Bo has cleared his name from being a “drug actor.” But, shares his thoughts about how he still felt hurt by the incident and more with JTBC Entertainment.

Previously it was reported that Lee Sang Bo is the actor in his 40s under investigation for alleged drug use and he denied the charges.

On September 30, Lee Sang Bo told JTBC Entertainment,

“I’m glad I was cleared of charges. I’m grateful but I’m still struggling with my feelings. I’m trying to recover.”

The Gangnam Police Station in Seoul cleared Lee Sang Bo of charges on the same day. An official at the Gangnam Police Station explained the reason for the acquittal, saying, “As a result of thorough urine and hair tests, no ingredients were found in the simple reagent test.”

Lee Sang Bo was arrested by the police on September 10 after reports from residents who witnessed him stumbling in a residential area in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. The simple drug reagent test conducted at the time of arrest tested positive, but the test conducted at the hospital immediately after arrest reportedly tested negative for morphine.

Lee Sang Bo has continued to claim to be innocent, saying it is due to a small amount of drug ingredients contained in the medicine to treat depression. At the time, Lee Sang Bo told JTBC Entertainment and explained what actually happened that day,

“I am continuing to receive psychiatric treatment. I took half a tranquilizer that day. I shouldn’t have done that, but I drank beer with it for the first time. Then, after a while, I felt a sense of daze.”

However, he was called a ‘drug actor’ too easily. Lee Sang Bo complained about the unfairness of being called a “drug actor” even before the truth was revealed by saying,

“Even before I went to the detention center, my real name was mentioned as a drug actor. There were reports claiming that he had taken drugs and admitted to the charges of taking them even though the results of the charges were not released.”

Lee Sang Bo also expressed his apologies for his last drama “Miss Monte-Cristo” team. He said,

“I can’t blame anyone because it was my fault that my honor was defamed, and it all happened because of my mistake. Even if I’m angry and it was unfair. It happened because of my carelessness. But what I’m most concerned about is the drama ‘Miss Monte-Cristo’ team, which I worked for seven months last year. This seems to have caused great disappointment to my colleagues. The drama is over, but I think I left a stain, which is the hardest thing to bear. I truly mean it. They were the production team and senior actors who encouraged me until the end even though I lacked a lot. Since I don’t have a family, I really lived like a family while doing dramas. When I think of them, I feel really sorry.”

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