Kim Bo Ra and Kim Woo Seok Confirmed To Lead Upcoming Romance Drama

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Actors Kim Bo Ra and Kim Woo Seok has been confirmed to star in upcoming romance drama “Finland Papa.”

According to MCMC (Studio Sky), Kim Bo Ra was cast as Lee Yu Ri, the main character of the drama “Finland Papa.”

“Finland Papa” is a six-part drama healing drama about a romance between the cafe’s unknown boss Baek Woo Hyun and Lee Yu Ri, a girl in her 20s who lost her grandmother and was left alone, healing and growing around her inner pain as a part-timer at the cafe, and people hurt by their family gathering together to act as a “fake family.”

Kim Bo Ra will make everyone laugh and cry through her delicate and emotional performance by transforming into Lee Yu Ri in “Finland Papa.” In particular, she is playing the main character for the first time in a long time since the OTT wave drama “Love Scene Number,” raising fans’ expectations.

Kim Bo Ra debuted as a child actress in the KBS 2TV drama “Wedding” in 2005. Since then, she has attracted attention for her finite acting skills in the dramas such as “Her Private Life,” “Touch,” and TV Film “SF8: Joan’s Galaxy,” as well as the movies “The Evil Twin,” “Monster,” “Time Renegades,” and “Love and Leashes.”

In particular, she appeared as Kim Hye Na in the drama “SKY Castle” and drew attention by showing her intense acting skills that captivated viewers. Attention is focused on how she will continue her astounding performance in “Finland Papa.”

On the other side, Singer and actor Kim Woo Seok will return to the small screen with the role of Baek Woo Hyun, the main character of the OTT drama “Finland Papa.”

Kim Woo Seok will play Baek Woo Hun, the unknown designer of the cafe “Finland Papa,” in “Finland Papa.” and lead the work of a fond romance.

Meanwhile, Kim Woo Seok released his third album earlier this year.

“Finland Papa” is currently under discussion as a six-part series and is set to premiere in early October.

Are you excited to see Kim Bo Ra and Kim Woo Seok together in the same drama?

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