Golden Child’s Bomin Suffers Injury On Face, Will Undergo Surgery

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Golden Child member, Bomin has been injured while practicing golf during his personal schedule and will undergo facial surgery.

On September 29,  Bomin’s agency, Woollim Entertainment, said in an official statement that Bomin was hit on the face by a golf wood club wielded by others during practice on the afternoon of September 28. His schedule will be adjusted since he has to undergo surgery per the medical staff’s opinion.

The following is the full official statement of Woollim Entertainment:

Hello, we’re Woollim Entertainment.
First of all, we would like to tell the fans of sudden and unfortunate news who always show generous interest and love for Golden Child.
On the afternoon of September 28, Bomin, a member of Golden Child, was hit in the face by a golf wood club wielded by others while practicing golf during his personal schedule, and immediate emergency treatment and detailed examinations were conducted.
According to the medical staff’s assessment, the surgery due to a facial fracture should be performed, the surgery schedule is currently being adjusted.
Following the medical staff’s recommendation that rehabilitation treatment should be performed for a certain period of time after surgery, Bomin will focus on treatment and health recovery for the time being.
Therefore, it is difficult for Bomin to participate in Golden Child’s schedule, and we will inform you of Bomin’s resumption schedule in the future.
We would like to apologize again for causing so many fans to worry with this sudden news.
We will do our best to make Bomin’s treatment, recovery, and health a top priority.
 Thank you.

Wishing Bomin a speedy recovery.

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