A YouTuber Says He Wants To Beat Up WINNER’s Song Mino For His ‘Weak Mentality,’ Says Depression Is A Joke

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A Korean YouTuber with over 200,000 subscribers has said he wants to beat up WINNER’s Song Mino for his ‘weak mentality.’

Recently, YouTuber Dragon Lake (Yong Hosu) made a shocking statement on social media that caught a lot of attention and subsquent backlash. He uploaded to his Instagram story about Song Mino and said, “I haven’t seen a celebrity with a strong mind like IU. I wanted to beat up Song Minho when he was crying in front of Oh Eunyoung. Male celebrities these days are only physically grown men, but inside, they’re 14 year old kids. Those losers who can’t overcome their own emotions shouldn’t think about being like IU.”

He was referring to Song Mino’s recent appearance on Channel A’s talk show ‘Oh Eunyoung’s Gold Counseling Center.’ His statement didn’t go unnoticed and he was soon bashed by many of Song Mino’s fans.

To make matters worse for himself, he later uploaded another story claiming that ‘ Depression is a disease that people can get at any time and its an excuse.’ He also says you can be ‘cured if you choose not to be depressed.’ He also joked that if he continues to receive DMs from people ‘talking nonsense’ he will choose to ‘catch depression.’ To top it off, he also said, “Depression, anxiety, jealousy, it all plays out from ignorance.”

Many fans jumped to Song Mino’s defense following YouTuber Dragon Lake’s controversial remarks.

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