NCT 127’s Mark, Jaehyun, And Johnny To Skip Upcoming Fan Meeting In Japan Due To COVID-19 Diagnosis, Fans Furious By The Late Announcement

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NCT 127’s Mark, Jaehyun, and Johnny will not be participating in the upcoming group’s fan meeting in Japan due to COVID-19.

On August 1, SM Entertainment released a statement to announce that Mark, Jaehyun, and Johnny had completed a week of quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19, however, even after coming out of quarantine, they kept testing positive, as a result, they were unable to take their flight and won’t attend the fan meeting.

Only six members will take part in the fan meeting: Taeil, Taeyong, Yuta, Doyoung, Jungwoo, and Haechan. SM ended their statement with an apology for fans and asked for their understanding, despite that, they said, ‘it will be difficult to refund the tickets as a result of this change. Please, we ask for your understanding.’

The announcement came as a huge shock to Japanese fans, while fans were aware that Mark had tested positive for COVID-19 last week. SM had not issued a statement to confirm that Jaehyun and Johnny were positive with COVID-19 too prior to this announcement.

Added to that, the fan meeting takes place 2 days from the sudden announcement and SM also refuses to refund tickets for the people who purchased it if the cancellation is due to the missing members.

This has led to a lot of backlash against SM for their handling of the issue.

Wishing the NCT members speedy recoveries!

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