Korean YouTuber Yuniversal [Kim Ji Yoon] Suddenly Passes Away

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Korean YouTuber Yuniversal [Kim Ji Yoon] has passed away.

On August 5, a post was made to Yuniversal’s community tab on YouTube to notify fans of the unfortunate news. The news shocked fans.

Previously, her obituary was posted on Instagram, this surprised fans and viewers of her content because they hadn’t been aware of her passing.

The post which was posted by her family reads as follows:

Yoon suddenly left our side.
To the subscribers who gave a lot of love to Yoon, I am writing you this with a heavy heart because I think I need to tell you the news.

Yoon’s funeral ended quietly with only her family and relatives attending.
After this morning, I sent Yoon away.”

In their statement, they expressed their gratitude to the fans who loved her content. They also asked fans’ not to speculate about the cause of her death writing, “We don’t want excessive speculation, online content, or articles to be written about this. Please pray for Yoon-i, who has left us, to be at peace. Thank you to everyone who loved her.”

The cause of YouTuber Yuniversal’s death has not been revealed.

The YouTuber had gained a sizable following doing Vlogs on YouTube, she had over 240,000 subscribers. Her last video was posted about two weeks ago. She lived in Jeju-do and was known for taking care of stray cats.

Our sincerest condolences to her family and friends.

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