Kim Garam Breaks Silence For The First Time After Departing LE SSERAFIM And Shares School Violence Committee Report + HYBE issues response

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Kim Garam has finally broken her silence about the school violence accusations for the first time following her departure from HYBE and LE SSERAFIM.

Received, an account thought to belong to Kim Garam shared a statement about the bullying accusations. In the statement, she claims she was not a bully, she denies using violence and all the other accusations made against, the statement was somewhat similar to what HYBE had been claiming all along until the day they announced her contract was terminated.

Kim Garam then followed up by sharing the full report of the School Violence Committee. The report was very detailed. Many wondered why she shared it and whether she was allowed to do so.

As a result of the new statements by Kim Garam, when reached out for a comment, HYBE told Xports News, “As we have terminated our exclusive contract with Kim Garam, we have no further comment as it would be inappropriate.”

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