GOT7’s BamBam Addresses The Criticism He Received For His Instagram Post, What Happened?

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GOT7’s BamBam has come under fire recently for his social media post, but why?

Recently, GOT7’s BamBam posted multiple pictures from GOT7’s tour they had taken back in 2018. One of the photos included one from the group’s time in Russia. This rubbed some of his fans the wrong way and some began to flood the comments accusing him of supporting Russia.

The fans who are upset thought it was done in poor taste given the current state of Ukraine following the Russian invasion in late February of 2022.

Due to the backlash against the post, he deleted it and replaced it with the same one excluding the photo taken in Russia. He first captioned it with, ‘happy now?’ before changing it to ‘old days.’

Since then, BamBam took to Twitter to write two tweets, in the first, he apologized if he had offended anyone but says that wasn’t his intention.

if i upset some of u guys

i want to apologize

but…you guys should know

in that post is alot of photos from different country

y’all come attack me like that.. do you think is a right thing to do?”

He then added another tweet writing, “now i can’t even think about my old memories now thank you.”

His two tweets have garnered mixed responses from fans, some think he shouldn’t have apologized while others believe he was insensitive but made matters worse with his tweets.

Do you think BamBam was in the wrong for his post, or not?


  1. He wasn’t in the wrong. Fans are overly possessive and sometimes I think they forget that those idols are humans. Those videos and photos from the past represent his happiness moments. It doesn’t matter where it took the videos or photos. The world is going through so much right now, we went through Covid, discrimination and so many others things. People are depressed and we all deal with it differently. I love some musician from Russia, is it because Putin decided to go to war that I am going to stop listening to that musician? No, the population has nothing to do with that. Seriously I think people need to stop being selfish, and remember that if we take away the fact that Bambam is an idol from Got7, first of all he is his parents son, a brother, a best friend, just a human being just like all of us. He has the freedom to post memories that makes him happy. Sorry I wrote a lot but things like that upset me so much

    1. He wasnt wrong for posting the pictures but he made a mistake in the way that he responded with those tweets . He has fans from Ukraine who were hurt but instead he made himself the victim and his fans are cursing ukrainian fans on tweeter calling them names and wishing death upon them . Its an ugly situation , I understand his frustration but there were other ways to solve this problem .

      1. You know what ? I changed my mind . He reacted that way because he was spammed with mean comments and gore photos and his fans have the right to defend him . I spent time on tweeter and found out that those who sent mean comments to ukrainian fans were trolls . This situation is ugly but is not his fault , he was just posting his memories .

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