Black Ocean Appears During EXO’s Chen’s Performance On SMTOWN LIVE 2022 Concert

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Netizens have turned their back on EXO member Chen who appeared at SM’s concert after being discharged from the military by turning off the lights of their lightsticks. Here is what happened.

On the afternoon of August 20, SMTOWN LIVE 2022 was held at Suwon World Cup Stadium in Gyeonggi-do.

After the concert, reviews were posted one after another on online communities and SNS to convey the atmosphere of the scene before and after Chen’s performance.

According to concertgoers, when Chen appeared on the stage, the lights of the lightsticks held by many fans were turned off at once. This is also known as the black ocean in Kpop concerts and is one of the worst things that a performer can experience on stage. On the other hand, when D.O. appeared after Chen’s stage, the cheering sticks lit up all at once, brightening the dark night sky.

Photos showing the incident at the time were also circulated online. It is a picture taken comparing the pictures at almost the same location of the stadium, and in one picture, the cheering stick is almost turned off and the other is brightly lit, creating a contrast.

Chen drew attention in January 2020 when he announced his wife’s pregnancy and marriage to his non-celebrity wife. In April of the same year, he had his first child, and he was nicknamed “Kim Jong Daddy” for delivering the second news while serving in the military.

Some k-fans are pointing out issues with Chen’s lack of consideration for fans in the process of announcing pregnancy and marriage, affecting EXO’s group activities, giving birth to another child in the military before fans’ hearts were comforted, and not communicating with fans at all.

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  1. So stupid every idol have their right to live as they want. Korean fans are so uptight they want idols like they want them to be.. no fucking space for the idols… C’mon give them space for their personal life.

  2. This is so stupid. So many K-pop fans have to be most narcissistic fans in the world. I will always wonder if Jonghyun would have died if Showels had’ve left him the h alone when he was dating that girl. But, no. They would rather him be all alone than have someone to love and support him. Until, I guess, they’ve all married and started their own families and finally “allow” their idols to be happy, as though they own them. It’s not just narcissistic and immature, it’s sick.

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