BLACKPINK Makes Spotify History With “Pink Venom” Setting A Record No Other Korean Song Has Achieved

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BLACKPINK continues to prove their popularity with their latest single release “Pink Venom”!

On August 19, “Pink Venom” dropped as part of the group’s pre-release single from their upcoming album set to come out in September. The group has already dominated domestic and international charts with the single and now they’ve made history.

“Pink Venom” has now made an impressive debut at No. 1 on Spotify’s Global Top Songs chart, making it the first ever Korean-language song in history to achieve this. Not only that, but BLACKPINK is the first female group from any country to hit No. 1 on Spotify’s Global Top Songs chart.

The only other kpop song that has done this is BTS’s English-language song “Dynamite.”

According to Spotify, “Pink Venom” has achieved the highest streams in a single day by any song in 2022 by a female artist. It racked up 7,937,046 streams on its first day alone. BLACKPINK broke Beyoncé’s record held with “BREAK MY SOUL” (5.145 million streams).

Congratulations to BLACKPINK on their historic achievements!

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