Yang Hyun Suk’s Brother Yang Min Suk Returns To The CEO Position Of YG Entertainment Three Years After Resigning Due To Various Controversies

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Yang Hyun Suk’s Brother Yang Min Suk is now back to the CEO position of YG Entertainment.

On July 1, YG Entertainment announced the news, the brother will be managing the agency alongside the co-CEO Hwang Bo Kyung who was put in that position after Yang Min Suk resigned due to various controversies at the time.

Back in June 20 of 2019, due to the various controversies YG artists and leader was involved in, Yang Min Suk chose to resign. The controversies included Yang Hyun Suk’s illegal gambling scandal, former BIGBANG member Seungri and the Burning Sun gate among many more.

Yang Min Suk will focus on leading YG and help its artist promote steadily through global partnerships and more. It is also being said that BLACKPINK, iKON and TREASURE are set to embark on global world tours in the second half of 2022.

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