Will “Yumi’s Cells” Have A Season 3?

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The “Yumi’s Cells” production team has announced their official statement regarding Season 3.

On 26 July, TVING’s original “Yumi’s Cells” team told Herald POP that
they’re grateful that there are expectations for season 3. As the drama has just wrapped up its run. They said, “since it was a long season to work on so first the production team needs a break.” They added, “Season 3 will be discussed later after the break.”

“Yumi’s Cells 2” has not just maintained the top spot in the number of women who paid to watch the drama throughout the broadcast period but also received positive reviews from overseas.

“Yumi’s Cells 2” was broadcasted to more than 160 countries including
 Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia at the same time as the exclusive release on TVING, and flaunted its potential by reaching the weekly top 5 in the “American/European sector” just one week after the release on Viki.

Would you like to see “Yumi’s Cells” season three soon?

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