“RESPECT LISA” And “RESPECT JISOO” Top Twitter Trends After Fans Become Enraged Over Rolling Stone Korea’s Article

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“RESPECT LISA” And “RESPECT JISOO” are currently among the top trending phrases on Twitter, but what happened?

Recently, Rolling Stone Korea published an article about BLACKPINK and managed to enraged fans with what they said about Lisa and Jisoo.

About Jisoo, they wrote,

“Although she does not possess the most outstanding talent in the group as a vocalist or dancer, her growth is more apparent.”

Fans believe the writer of the article undermined Jisoo’s talent while comparing her to the other members, this enraged Jisoo’s fans who thought it was in poor taste.

About Lisa, they wrote,

“her overpowering physical charm and exotic appearance, coupled with her competence as a rapper highlight her identity as a solo artist.

Not only is the flow in her raps in “DDU-DU DDU-DU” or “How You Like That” extremely classy, but her pronunciation in those songs is natural enough to prevent the listener from sensing any kinks from the foreign member of the group.”

Lisa’s fans are specifically upset by the fact that the writer labeled Lisa ‘exotic’ because she’s a foreigner. However, when you visit the article, the word exotic has since been replaced with ‘mesmerizing looks.’

As a result, the phrases “RESPECT LISA, “APOLOGIZE TO LISA,” “RESPECT JISOO,” “APOLOGIZE TO JISOO” became some of the top trending phrases on Twitter as fans share their reactions to what they label a ‘terrible’ article.

Here are some of their comments about the article,

  • this is very unprofessional on your side, jisoo has always been very hard working and she has never slacked off once. even when she is sick or in pain she still gives an amazing performance. she doesn’t deserve backhanded compliments.
  • The narrative is very important, it’s a shame that @rollingstonekor chose a biased narrative. thank you for your review but I believe that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Fyi,i become jisoo fans is because her unique voice and her strong leadership.
  • I’m not a writer or a journalist but Jisoo’s article didn’t sit well with me. Wrong choice of words there. Jisoo is a very talented and amazing woman. She doesn’t deserve this sh!tty article
  • Srsly? What kind of text is that? How unprofessional, what a truly shame to write something like this referring to one of the most essential members. Apologize to Jisoo.
  • Describing a person appearance ‘exotic’ as if Lisa wasn’t an Asian just like the other 3. Instead of unbiasedly write about latest records that Lisa had broken, RSK use the same topic that has been used for more than 5 years, her pronunciation.
  • calling lisa exotic and then implying that the public shouldn’t find out she’s a foreigner? everything about this article is messed up

and more.

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