LOONA’s Yves Apologizes To International Fans Over Alleged Racist Profile Photo

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LOONA’s Yves has recently come under fire for her profile picture, but why?

Recently, LOONA’s Yves shared a picture of her swollen lips due to allergies, when one fan said she looked like the character Go Eun Ae from the Korean animation series “Run Hani,” she proceeded to change her profile picture to the character.

The character itself is a middle-aged woman who has a curly hair and draws her lip liner above her lips which makes her lips look bigger.

Some international fans took issue with the profile photo claiming its racist towards black people. Many took to Twitter to voice their opinions about the profile picture and why they believe its similar to black face. Some fans demanded she changes the profile picture and apologize.

Later, Yves took to the fan communication app and apologized to the fans who took issue with the picture, she said, “you must have been upset that I posted a photo of Go Eun Ae as my profile photo. I used it because she was a cartoon character from a classic Korean animation series called ‘Run Hani,’ but I didn’t think it would be offensive. I apologize to everyone who was hurt by this.”

She also promised to check more thoroughly if there can be any misunderstandings in any photo she uploads in the near future.

What do you think of this?

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  1. Racism like this is something that Koreans were taught by white people without knowing it. A black woman recently posted a vid of these white people doing a puppet show. The puppets the used were a racist characterization of black people. They think that is normal when it’s actually not.

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