LOONA’s Olivia Calls Out Company For Excessive Photoshop Of Her Recent Photos, Asks Them To Upload The Originals Instead

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LOONA’s Olivia has gone viral for her recent social media activities.

Recently, LOONA’s Olivia posted photos of herself to the group’s official twitter account, however, those photos were deleted shortly after and the same photos with some slight differences were posted instead.

Fans became curious as to why this happened because it seemed like nothing was wrong with the original pictures.

Later, Olivia herself confirmed that she was the one who asked them to delete it and repost the original photos. The idol said she was uncomfortable with the amount of photoshop done to her photos, she requested Blockberry Creative post the originals.

A tweet showcasing just how different the edited versions from the actual versions shocked netizens. Fans are applauding the idol for standing up to the excessive skinny and pretty image Kpop companies try to push onto idols.

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