Chinese Netizens Slam Suzy’s Newest Drama “Anna” For Portraying Chinese Goods As Counterfeits Despite The Story Being Based On Actual Events

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Some Chinese netizens are not happy with Suzy’s newest drama “Anna” on Coupang Play for this surprising reason.

“Anna” premiered this weekend, and in its premiere episodes, a particular scene featured a ‘counterfeit watch’ which was based on actual real life events.

The scene shows Suzy’s character who gets gifted an expensive Swiss watch by Jung Eun Chae’s character. When she goes to a retail store to sell the watch, she’s told its ‘fake luxury.’ This puts Suzy’s character in an awkward position in front of the seller who is surprised she didn’t know the watch’s history. The seller told her the watch was from a scam that happened a couple of years back when the watches parts were assembled in China and only the screws were put in Switzerland, thus, the makers could label it ‘made in Switzerland.’ It was only worth around 100$ but was originally being sold for $6000 to $10,000.

After watching this scene, some Chinese netizens found it problematic as it portrays China in a ‘bad light’ as a country where produces are counterfeits. Some Chinese netizens alleged Korea was spreading false information or slandering China.

The funny thing is, the scene was based on actual events that happened in South Korea in 2006. A brand was caught selling cheaply made watches as if they were luxury items. The drama even included the actual brand name “Vincent & Co.”

Coupang Play said in a statement to the press that the drama is only watchable in South Korea and they will not respond to the controversy as well.

What do you think of this?

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