IU Is The First Ever Korean Female Soloist To Achieve This Record Proving Her Massive Popularity

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IU has recently announced the happy news that she’s holding a two-day concert in Seoul this September, here is why its an impressive record.

IU announced she will perform a two-day concert on September 17 and 18 at the Jamsil Sports Complex Olympic Main Stadium, also known as Seoul Olympic Stadium. This stadium has a capacity of 69,950 seats.

Very few Korean artists have managed to hold concerts at this stadium, some of the names include BTS, EXO, H.O.T, JYJ and more. However, this marks the first time a Korean female soloist has managed to host a concert there.

Many fans are so happy to see how far IU has come and are so excited to see her at the concert in September.

Congratulations to IU on making another impressive record!


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