(G)I-DLE’s Yuqi Goes Viral After Her Epic Response To A Fan Who Said Her Outfit Was ‘Too Revealing’

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(G)I-DLE’s Yuqi recent interaction with a fan online has gone viral.

Recently, Yuqi took to Weibo to post photos of herself in a beautiful denim outfit. She also posted the same photos to her Instagram. On the same day, a fan wrote a comment on Weibo that gained her attention.

The fan said, ‘Baby, pictures 3 and 5 are too revealing, please be more careful when I am not around. There are many people who have pervert desires.’

Yuqi replied back with, ‘nope, this is a prejudiced view, baby. A girl wearing a short skirt doesn’t necessarily mean she’s exposing herself. Revealing some chest doesn’t mean she’s overexposing herself either, if she’s revealing a little skin, it doesn’t mean you should think that way.’

Yuqi further added that when she feels pretty she’s satisfied with that, and doesn’t want to take what others say to heart, she encouraged fans to put on makeup and wear pretty outfits for their own confidence.

After her viral classy response to the fan, Yuqi became a trending topic on Weibo with many Chinese fans applauding her for expressing her thoughts on the ‘fan’ who wanted to dictate how she should dress.

What did you think of Yuqi’s response?

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