Former MOMOLAND Member Daisy Says She Didn’t Leave MLD Entertainment But Was ‘Fired’

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Former MOMOLAND Member Daisy has answered fans’ burning questions about her departure from the group.

On July 3, Daisy held a Live on her TikTok account and interacted with fans. She answered various questions. One fan mentioned her departure from MLD Entertainment and MOMOLAND. She said,

“Guys, for the love of God, I did not leave [MOMOLAND]. I was fired. Okay. It’s been so long. Oh my God. It’s great. Okay. It’s all good. It is a-okay”

Daisy also added that she doesn’t know why she was kicked out, saying,

“Cause I don’t know either. Like if I knew, I would have probably ‘unfired’ myself. I didn’t know you could get fired from that. You know what, I didn’t know either.”

In January of 2020, Daisy claimed that the show “Finding MOMOLAND” was fraudulent and manipulated votes. She claimed that despite her elimination, she was contacted by the agency offered to join the lineup. However, MLD has since denied the claim and said they would be taking legal action.

In May of 2020, MLD Entertainment announced that Daisy has departed the group. Later, Daisy filed a lawsuit against MLD for unpaid wages. And in October of 2021, the Seoul Central District Court ruled in Daisy’s favor and ordered the agency to pay the $60 million won[ around $45,000] plus an additional 13 million won (approximately $10,882) that hadn’t been paid to Daisy. MLD has since filed an appeal.

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